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Are You Tired of being tossed around by the medical system & overwhelmed with generalized Advice from health coaches & Google?  I'm glad you're here.  Together, we can change the world.

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I initiated with Dr. Cope when I  had a few health anomalies that weren't getting better on their own. As a registered nurse, I like to think that I have some knowledge base in health, but I also know the trappings of modern medicine. . One of the scariest things she assisted me with was coming off of birth control after being on it for eight years. I had no nasty side effects thanks to her guidance, and finally can feel my body again.     When I was having routine issues with digestion I did not want to have something like Prilosec thrown at me. She was able to help me holistically heal myself through more natural methods. I also was able to reset myself through a guided cleanse, that I credit resetting the flora and fauna of my gut, rebooting my immune system, and it helped me drop and keep off 10 pounds.   We have forged a sisterhood support through all of this, it's hard not to.   So rarely in healthcare do we find someone so willing to give their time and consideration as Dr. Cope does. She has spent countless hours actually listening to me, and genuinely cares about helping others, especially women trying to reclaim their health. I cannot recommend her enough!


Dr. Alexandra Cope has been an enlightening guide towards my personal healing since we first met about six months ago. I was experiencing many physical and mental symptoms of what I now know as anxiety and panic disorder. I was getting no answers or guidance from my regular doctors, so I sought out a Naturopath, which is what led me to Alex’s office. Having no experience with a Naturopath, I was a little weary, but ended up being pleasantly surprised at both how quickly she was willing to make time to see me, and how warm and welcoming she was from our first appointment. I could sense that she had genuine concern for my well-being, and was focused on uncovering the hidden truth of what was causing me such pain and worry. Although she is very knowledgeable in both physical and spiritual healing, she catered our conversations at a comfortable level that allowed me to have a clear understanding of her methods. She had a keen awareness of when I was open and ready for each next step, and made the process of healing smooth, painless, and most importantly eye opening for me. I learned a lot during our many visits, and truly feel that Alex has opened up a door in my life that I was not even aware was there. That door leads to a place of healing, and happiness that I may not have discovered otherwise. She is a very kind, cheerful person, who was always flexible enough to offer her services when I was ready for them.  And always made me feel welcome. Alex’s inherent gift of sincere empathy makes her feel  like a friend thats also knowledgable doctor. I am truly grateful for all that she has shown me. She’s a natural born healer.

 She helped me navigate foods that are healthiest for my body, identify the root causes of my ailments, identify the best lab tests and imaging for my diagnoses, and refer to the best modalities that fit my path.  -Paul Copeland

I must admit that I was skeptical when Dr. Cope was recommended to me for certain recent health issues I was dealing with. But after the first interview I was pleasantly surprised with the scope of her knowledge of the science and research associated with the supplements and diet changes she recommends. I have been exposed to a variety of nontraditional alternative healing practices. I was never confident of the efficacy of most. I am convinced that Dr. Cope’s recommendations have made real improvements in my overall health and the way I feel.


Shout out to my lady Dr. Cope and her amazing gift of providing healing medicine that she shares so compassionately with her community.
My 6 year old took a fall off her step stool as it flipped upside down and her chest landed on the feet of it. After some tears shed and mommy snuggles, we applied ice and Dr. Cope’s trauma oil aka “the boo-boo medicine” on to the bruise.
The first photo was taken 20 minutes after the incident. Second photo was taken the morning after. No complaints, no what-if fears, and a happy, pain free child is the result.
Thank you Dr. Cope, for so willingly sharing your medicine with me and my children. My faith in natural medicine and my ever growing relationship with your beautiful soul saved me a trip to the ER, and brought healing to my child.


Are you tired of being inundated with information on health from the interwebs? #MeToo


Congratulations, you made it here.  The path to healing begins right now, in this moment, because you chose it so.

To be wise & strong enough to search for deeper answers means you're already most of the way on your path to optimal health & balance.

I was so exhausted and ill not too long ago trying to balance out food, exercise, learning, spiritual practice and avoiding environmental toxins.  (Turns out we are more toxic than ever... eeek!)

Then, I found a group of strong teachers to support me on my path. I am here simply to pass down the teachings that have led me to where I am, today.

Did you know that...

Finding a community with a fertile agricultural foundation is a key component for your health, as I believe in knowing what we put in our bodies and that we have the option to nourish ourselves in whichever method fits your needs best. You are a beautiful & strong sprout to embed your roots in whichever path your wise heart and intelligent mind desires. I will work with diligence and compassion to provide you the tools for empowering yourself; so that you pursue a healthy lifestyle designed to keep up with all of the wonderful things you do.  Cheers to balance in our collective health! 

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