Dr. Cope's Unique Approach

which-side-of-the-riverWhy Now?

The path to healing begins, now, in this very moment, because you chose it so.  Together, we can become empowered and choose to experience optimal mood, energy, and all pain free.  Together, we can diligently work to remove our obstacles to cure, one step & one breath at a time, moment to moment. 

For Our Children...

There is a chilling fact out there that my generation is going to be the first generation that our children may die before us.  Yes, that's right... the life expectancy of the future generations is dramatically decreasing.  It is our diligence to take responsibility for our selves, not only is it necessary, it is selfish to waste your health as we have the power to make cancerous  genes turn on and off for our grandchildren.  Epigenetics says its so.

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What is Naturopathy?

I am one out of 6,000 Liscensed Naturopathic Physicians in the United States & Canada.  I am proud to say I graduated from NCNM (now NUNM) out of Portland, Ore. And HOW I LOVE our crew of physicians reversing one lifestyle disease symptoms at a time, educating patients on the best options to heal.

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Naturopaths simply spend more time listening, so the patient may be guided into their path of healing rather than treated like another number.  Each Naturopath works to support the person as a whole and practices extremely different.  

Holler at me to know if we are a good fit....

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The likelihood is, yes...  Because which lifestyle disease can you name that is not highly correlated with stressors such as environmental toxins, GMO'd Foods, Endocrine Dysruptors?

What Diseases Do I address??  I actually support the whole person, which in turn addresses concerns with:

Hormone Imbalances....


Infertility, PCOS, Menopause <3, Metabolic Syndrome

CVD, High Cholesterol, High Blood Sugar

Symptoms of Exhaustion..... Tired n Wired, Anxiousness, Depression

Maldigestion.... IBD, IBS, Bloating, Gas, Heart Burn



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