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Copesthetic Care Package

This special 6 month comprehensive and individualized naturopathic treatment package is for:

  • If you are looking to join a community health movement
  • If you are experiencing Hormone imbalances, Weight gain, Digestive Distress, bloating, autoimmune flares, Thyroid issues
  • If you are looking to improve and/or optimize their overall wellness and for disease prevention.
  • If you have current disease/diagnosis wishing to implement Naturopathic Medicine and alternative measures.
  • Great addition or preparation for a cleanse
  • To receive¬†individualized care on top of Lunaception Hormone Health Course



What you will receive in the Total Wellness Package:

  1. Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation of your unique body to identify the underlying cause of any diagnosed or undiagnosed symptoms
  2. Functional Laboratory Testing at cost
  3. 5 Visits + 1 Acute Visit
  4. An Individualized Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Program based on what your body needs to recover from disease, prevent illness, and optimize your health.
  5. A holistic health program catered to help you overcome your individual health issues, optimize digestion, support normal sleep, balance your mood, energize your body and mind, and improve your quality of life.

Want to know if we're a good fit? Schedule a 20 minute consult and I can educate you on your options.

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